Welcome to Cliiq Beta. For our latest development progress please visit @cliiq

Cliiq was founded in London by photographers Shaun and Rich, who both shared a vision to put creatives first.

We do this by combining social, crowdfunding and e-commerce together, to create a new diverse environment for content creators.

Cliiq is a simple and fair marketplace, where fans can browse, subscribe, share, support, buy and network whilst creators publish, fund, interact and build a community around their brand and creative content.

A sustainable mechanism for fans and independent creators to "dip in and out", collaborate or make a full-time living as they so choose.

Cliiq is a community-driven platform, built by and for the people who make the content. We know that the entire creative industry exists because of your hard work, sacrifice and imagination.

Photographers, vloggers, bloggers, podcasters, artists, cosplayers and gamers, all kinds of creators can use Cliiq to build their community and receive money directly from their fans.

Zero transaction fees. Unlimited everything.

Cliiq is more than social.

Cliiq Ltd
70 Wilson St, London EC2A 2DB

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