#CliiqLIVE interview with artist & writer Zack Rock
In this #CliiqLIVE interview Cliiq Co-founder @rich talks to Berlin-based American writer and illustrator, Zack Rock.

He has created two picture books: Homer Henry Hudson's Curio Museum and A Good Story, both successfully published by The Creative Company.

Zack gave us an insight into his creative process and what drives his burning passion for art. From the many writers and artists who influence his work, through to the music that inspires him.

There is a lot going on in this conversation and plenty to learn from Zack, so listen closely!
In the interview @zackrock was very vocal about the detailed work that goes into his storytelling...specifically about his published book A Good Story. Music even came into the process!

Below is a preview to the work, but if you would like to see more, please do visit his website at zackrock.com
A Good Story by Zack Rock
When you're a pig with a dream, a job in accountancy just doesn't cut it.
A Good Story by Zack Rock
A Good Story by Zack Rock
A Good Story by Zack Rock
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